Monday, March 30, 2009

Connex, we have a problem...

Thanks to laissez-faire approach of Connex and the rapidly increasing population of Melbourne, I had to sit next to a total stranger on the Belgrave train. Not a problem, if he didn't start talking to me.

"Excuse me..."
"Sorry. Nothing."

Another ten minutes and four stations go by.

"Um, excuse me, are you a student?"
"Do you live here?"
On the train? No.
"What do people do on weekends?"
Sleep in.

He goes on to ask weird questions, like finding a place to fix his skateboard. It all gets very awkward so I make an escape route which consists of pretending that it's my station, getting off and running to the next carriage. Would have worked beautiful had I realised that there were massively clear and transparent (as glass usually is) glass doors between the carriages.

[NB: I should also mention that I met my last boyfriend on the Cranbourne train, on his way to visit his girlfriend at the time, who he started redating after he dumped me. Perhaps this is the cause of my adversion to courting whilst on public transport.]


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