Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making People Uncomfortable #1

Sometimes I'll be walking on the sidewalk, and I'll see someone in the corner of my eye trying to overtake me. It's unspoken sidewalk etiquette to purposely slow down for a few strides so the overtaker can get a head start on the overtakee.

Next time this happens, try to keep abreast with the person. Turn and smile and them. If they speed up, rev up your engines and keep up. If they slow down, match their speed. Once you have mastered this, you can even try syncronising your strides with theirs. This works really well on moderately empty streets (e.g. the CBD around 2pm) and it seems to agitate businessmen the most. It doesn't work very well on prostitutes or Hells Angels.

Happy infuriating.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see someone I know who's trying to not see me, I go out of my way to greet them. From afar, I'll call out "Hi, how are you? It's been ages since we blah blah blah and we must blah blah blah!!!" Sometimes, I even throw in a handshake or an air kiss. Then, I turn smartly around and walk right off.

Paige Xc said...

Nice, meesa likes that trick.