Monday, September 21, 2009

iPricks and CrackBerries

I used to have a normal phone. I also used to be a normal person. Then I got an iPhone.

In my pre-iPhone days, I used to look at iPhone users with great contempt. I was once at a trivia night where me and my friends spectacularly lost - because the other teams had iPhones (although using Shazam in a 'guess what song it is' competition is quite unfair).

I was vehemently against iPhones - who needs a mini computer in their pocket? Who needs constant access to Facebook and Twitter? Do I really have to have a gazillion songs on me at any one time? Who needs to be have GoogleMaps when a street directory does the job? Oh, how the tides changed when I got one.

I now check my email every thirty minutes during waking hours. I update my Twitter over lunch (2,264 tweets and counting). I look up the weather forecast while I wait for the elevator. I check when my tram is coming when the timetable on the street sign is so clearly wrong. I am now... an iPrick. I feel the need to show my friends how much cooler my iPhone is to their un-smart phone. It's horrible.

The only people who understand us are CrackBerry addicts. Similar to iPricks, but a little more restrained (you never see them boasting, "oh look at my adorable qwerty key pad").

Epilogue: I recently competed in a scavenger hunt type for charity in the Melbourne CBD. Even with our brains and an iPhone, we were way behind the other teams. But then again the other teams looked like douche bags - they wore sports gear and literally sprinted off in no particularly direction when they race started. Oh wait...


Figgers said...

i guess that shows that logic and technology will never win you a scavenger hunt against fit tossers who look like idiots.

you iPrick =P

Paige Xc said...

I am an iPrick and proud of it! Oh wait, that's a bad thing...