Monday, October 12, 2009

OK Commuter

I am having withdrawals. I am having public transport withdrawals.

I recently moved from a horrendous share house really close to the city to a fancy studio apartment in an expensive, trendy suburb that's about twenty minutes out. Being alone has never been so fun.

The only problem is transport. I used to live in Richmond - pretty much the biggest train station in Melbourne apart from Flinders Street. Ten glorious platforms. Trains leaving at least every two minutes. I also lived on three tram lines, and near two other train stations and several bus lines.

Now I live in a gorgeous swanky northern suburb. My neighbours are rich environmentally friendly yuppies who use calico bags made by Tibetan blind children suffering from malnutrition, and cycle every where and buy carbon offsets. I live near about ten different organic bakeries, and not one looks anywhere close to bankruptcy. I love my new neighbourhood, but there's fuck all transport.

I sort of want to buy a car but I'm afraid my neighbours will hate me and my white bread eating ways...


Figgers said...

just get a bike!!!
or a scooter
scooters are awesome