Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the fork are you looking at?

I was an eccentric child. Little kids spend a lot of time imaging their dream house, which usually involves a white picket fence, an xbox and a swimming pool. My childhood dream was to have mismatching cutlery and crockery when I had my own place.

So when I recently moved in my very own studio apartment, it seemed like a good time to fulfil my childhood dream. I mentioned my domestic shopping list to someone, and scoffed when they suggested I go to Ikea. "I'd rather blow up my apartment with a soap bomb," was my immediate response.

Instead, I found a delectable shop on Swan Street, Richmond that sells mostly antique and vintage crockery and cutlery sets. Most of the mismatching stuff was cheaper because normal people tend to like matching stuff. I managed to pick up a bunch of gorgeous detailed plates and bowls from the 1920s to the 1970s, all with different designs and gold detailing. I was especially proud of the set of antique silver cutlery I picked up for a mere twenty dollars. (I went to Target to check prices, and a basic cutlery set was $29.) It even had soup spoons and dessert spoons. Absolutely stoked.

Then I went home and tried to eat a steak. And discovered that the cutlery set didn't have a single knife. Fork my life.


Paige Xc said...

As a follow-up to this blog, I had to buy a completely new set because the old one was rusting up like no one's business.

FML. FML, indeed.