Monday, December 7, 2009


Maybe I should join the Navy. That would solve my employment issues AND I would have a sexy sailor hat.

Maybe I should eat lots of food and get really super obese. Then I could be classified as disabled and get Centrelink.

Maybe I should get into softcore porn. That way I can just be naked and get paid for it. Which wouldn't be too hard for me. (But maybe hard for you.) (I should stop making sex jokes.)

Maybe I should run across Victoria Parade and try to get hit by a car. Then sue the driver for emotional distress.

Maybe I should write Mills & Boon novels. I'm very romantic and I watched As Good As It Gets.

Maybe I should go back to university and study archaeology. Then I could be like Indiana Jones.

Maybe I should study astronomy as a minor, and buy a Millenium Falcon and be like Han Solo too.

Maybe I could train my bunny rabbit to be a professional show jumper. I could even wear jodphurs. Jodphurs are hot.

Maybe I could get into Magic the Gathering and go to tournaments and win money. I could distract the other players with my boobies.

Maybe I could get a full body tattoo of fish scales and become known as Fishy Woman. And join the circus and be world famous.

Maybe I should turn this into a blog and post it on the Internet.