Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bogan Day Out

Bogan Day Out... I mean Big Douche Out... I mean Big Day Out... Just last week, I went to Big Day Out for the first time ever, and the rumours are true. BDO is just a rampant breeding ground for bogans, trailer park trash and conventionally hot chicks* who thought that BDO would be the cool thing to do. I never knew they liked music that wasn't Lady Gaga...

This year's headliners were British uber-stadium band Muse, and the crowd in the pit had a surprisingly large number of fresh-faced, clearly underage girls and wimpy boys who must have a masochistic streak to get into the pit. Or perhaps they were overenthusiastic Twilight fans intent on hearing the soundtrack live. Clearly gladiator sandals, dangly earrings and miniskirts isn’t a smart choice, yet these delicate creatures surely spoilt the moshing atmosphere for quite a few of us by continually whinging about getting stepped on or that they were a bit squished. A few of the cleverer ones (but clearly still not that bright to even get into the pit in the first place) realised this, and in the first half of Muse’s set they were all crowd surfing their way out of there, usually in a various stage of undress.

It’s not like I’m a beefy bloke who needs more than a punch to go down. I’m five-foot-three and not very substantial, but I come in full knowledge that I probably will – and usually do – get punched in the guts, get stepped on and have a crowd surfer kick me in the face. So, sorry to all those girls who thought I was deliberately pushing you. It’s called a mosh pit. To make things worse, my six-foot-four boyfriend was wearing a giant novelty sombrero that ironically had “THIS KENT” (i.e. this cunt) written on it. We must’ve been the most hated couple at BDO Melbourne.

*Conventionally hot chicks: typically average, boring girls who hide their lack of individuality, confidence and intellience with fake tan, clothes from Forever New, high heels and too much flesh. Usually date conventionally hot men**.

**Conventionally hot men: typically average, boring men who hide their lack of individuality, confidence and intelligence by working out too much, wearing Ed Hardy and ripping on nerds. Usually date conventionally hot chicks.


Anonymous said...

You're right, people you don't actually know and yet have decided to sterotype, DONT have the same right to attend to a music festival as you. Enlightening :)

Paige Xc said...

Touche, bitch. You may want to re-enrol into junior school again - nowhere in my blog did I say that they don't have the right to attend music festivals. I was clearly pointing out the sheer stupidity and ignorance of a large number of today's fesival going youth.

And in terms of entering the D-barrier, you're damn fucking correct that they don't have the same right to be there. Especially when there are big signs stating the terms of conditions of entry (Entry at own risk, no under 18s, no wheelchairs/clutches, no bags), and we had violations of every single one including two people on wheelchairs. And there were all these underage teenage girls insisting on wearing open-toed shoes, dangly earrings and skimpy dresses without bras. Who's fault is it if their toes get crushed and a crowd surfer kicks their face? Not the bands' fault. Not the festival organisers' fault. Not the security's fault. And certainly not my fault. It is entirely their fault for going against the advice of the BDO organisers and putting themselves in the line of fire. I go in fully aware that I will get hurt, and wear the correct clothing and act accordingly. So yes, they don't have the same right to be in a mosh pit.

Read my blogs more carefully before you rip into them, cunt.

paranoidbydesign said...

Shall I guess that Anonymous's posting is a result of the fact that Anonymous is one of the stereotyped people as described? Feed Me Band Boys outlined the bane of the music festival that has occurred for the last 10 years... those people who cause the problem in the first place and then complain about it... Once upon a time people cared about each other in the pit so change how you act and then there won't be a stereotype you can be offended by being described as such... and next time don't be Anonymous either lol

tsholl said...

Yeah, I did the BDO for 10 years straight and every year a little more bogan leaked in. I'm sure many of them are lovely people, but most of them are just massively inconsiderate of anyone else trying to enjoy themselves around them. It certainly made it harder (though not much) to enjoy Bjork when there's 8ft meatheads yelling homoerotic things in her general direction because she's delaying their precious RATM. Hence: no more BDO (plus the lineup these past two years has been BS). Oh, and stereotypes are a real time saver with the added bonus of being pleasantly surprised every once in a while when they're wrong. So nyeh.