Monday, January 11, 2010

A domestic affair

I moved out of home as soon as I was legally an adult. I have been share housing for years, and have toughed it out in the most fucked up sharehouses in dodgy areas. I've had my room broken into by my forty year old flatmate (who apparently watched me sleep naked). My house got broken into and robbed while I was sleeping naked in the bedroom (and then the cops took 40 minutes to get there after I told Triple 0 I had male intruders in my house). I've had screaming matches with flatmates, tears included. I've lived with couples and had to deal with the aftermath of break ups. I've lived with a bi-polar, ex-druggie boyfriend with more issues than I could count on all my hands and feet.

So after years of fucking about I've finally gotten myself a beautiful studio apartment in a lush neighbourhood, right near one of Melbourne's trendiest areas. All by myself. No stupid flatmates. And I'm only 22.

Every once in a while I may get all smug at my counterparts still living at home, or worse, living in a rental that's paid for by the parentals. But you know what? I'm jealous. Absolutely jealous that they have rich parents with the cash to splash around. So if you're parents want to buy you that inner-city apartment but you're afraid that your friends think you're spoilt? They're all just envious middle-class bastards. Take it.

* Note: your social and sexually development will probably be really stunted though. It's kinda hard to climax if your parents are in the next room.