Thursday, February 4, 2010

Be My Valentine

I hate shopping malls and I stay away from chain store brands like the Plague. And you'll never see this girl wearing a brand emblem emblazoned across my (very puny) chest or a logo monogram handbag across my forearm... or even worse, its cheap imitation inferior which sends out the following message to the world: "Not only am I tacky, but I'm too much of a tight arse to spend for a quality bag, because 'Lius Wuitton' is still as classy."

But then I guess I'm not materialistic. For my twenty-first and twenty-second birthdays, I insisted on absolutely no birthday presents. The best thing I got this Christmas was not store bought, and it didn't have a brand name attached. It was a love song written about me for me - quite possibly the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Which is why it sickens me to see all this St. Valentine's Day marketing that equates money for love.

One particular ad had a "love metre" with sale items being categorised according to price. The question "How much do you love them?" was written in a giant love heart across the top, and the answers in the chart below with corresponding price tags to go with the varying degrees of love. What was rather cheeky was that the answer for the $0-$10 bracket was "Not at all".

I would much rather a crafty handmade present, a good home-cooked meal, a romantic poem or even a cheap present if it had meaning behind it, than say a $10,000 piece of jewellery. So boys... if your girlfriend/valentine expects you to buy such shit, perhaps this is indicative of how shit she/your relationship is. As in poo shit, not "this is top shit". And if she asks for a LV bag, then it's in a "diarrhea shit" kinda way.

PS I actually wrote this blog on the 10th of February, before Valentine's but forgot to post it.
PPS I got a poem for Valentine's Day, and was taken out for a beautiful dinner at a Spanish restaurant followed by dessert at a chocolate cafe.