Thursday, February 4, 2010

Female Buying Behaviours

Women are evil. As a woman, I can confirm this. Here's a little social phenomenon you can observe to prove it:

  1. Put two female friends of similar age/size/style into a clothing or shoe store.
  2. Observe them eyeing each other's movements. They will try to walk ahead of the other to "get to" all the bargains/good items first. This is the unspoken rule of "I saw it first, I can buy it".
  3. On the rare occasion, the dominant one will miss out on a good item and walk past it, only to notice the weaker one pick it up a second later. The prima donna will instantly say something along the lines of, "Oh, I saw that... isn't it nice? Do you think it'll fit me?" as a way of securing the item for themselves.
  4. When in the change rooms, the females will try to exhibit their designer prowess. One might say "Oh wow, that looks like the dress in that new Burberry campaign" and wait for the other to say a comment such as "Yeah, the one that Emma Watson wore" to confirm their designer knowledge.
  5. At their obligatory post-shopping coffee, the women will pull out all their purchases and compare total spend and total "savings" in terms of sale price to see who is the day's shopping winner. This often spurs women on to rush back to stores and quickly buy up anything they were "umming" and "ahhhing" over to push their score up.
  6. The women will almost always ask for a gazillion separate bags for every shop they spend at to increase the feelings of "I spent so much money".
  7. If one woman tried something on but it was unsatisfactory and passed it on to the other in the changeroom on a whim, and the second woman ends up purchasing it, the garment is now referred to as "my dress that you own" by the first woman.

See? Women are evil. This is why I shop alone.


Tania=D said...

I prefer to shop alone but that's usually cause I know what I like and I don't need affirmation from another to shop... mind you I also don't behave like that listed below but then I also don't dress like my friends which I think is a good thing... I even encouraged a friend to buy the same pair of shoes I was trying on once cause she loved them... but almost every woman I know shops like you described... see that's why you and I are special =P