Sunday, February 28, 2010

The grass is greener (or whiter) on the other side...

Asians love Caucasians. Simple as that.

I went to the most expensive, all-girls boarding school on the Gold Coast, and about half of the school was Asian. It was here in this elite setting that I first discovered that the majority of young Asians living in Australia are really insecure about their ethnicity, although some are more extreme than others.

One particular bimbo-headed Korean friend was obsessed. Her goal in life was to "marry an Aussie". She once bleached her hair (it turned into that disgusting orange brown fuzz though), shaved her eyebrows and coloured them back in orange, wear really white foundation and brown mascara. She earnestly and nervously asked in a thick accent, "Do I look white?"

"No. You look like an idiot."

There's something rather insulting to me, as an Asian (half Peranakan, half Hainanese, born in Singapore) that many of us are trying to disguise or play down our ethnicity. Or the fact that it is even a point of issue. You would be surprised at how many times people - both Asian or otherwise - have asked me what race the person I was dating was. Or how many of my friends are of what race. Like the fuck I care. I tend to value personality, individualism and common interests in my friends and lovers. Not genetics.

Side note: the even funnier thing is that a lot of people are obsessed with Asian culture (Chinese food, mange, anime, J-pop, Korean movies, Buddhism, Asian martial arts). So I'm not quite sure where this whole self-hating thing came from.