Monday, March 15, 2010

Bird Watching

I was shopping with my good friend Gemma (one of those very, very, very rare occasions where I shop with someone, partly because we just had tea and I mentioned I needed a wallet), who is a store manager at a French Connection store and she described her shopper profiles to me.

The Owl:
The owl shopper is knowledge based - they want the facts. They'll want to know whether it is a small fit or a large fit. Where your factories are. What country the fabrics are sourced from. How to take care of the material. If you impress them, they'll spend big. If you try to fool them with cheap flattery and sales tactics (oh my gawd, you look seeeeeew hawt), they'll just stare at you and walk out. Oh, what a hoot.

The Eagle:
The eagle is a shopper that swoops. They know what they want before they go shopping. They know what they need. They'll know their exact budget and what colour or features the item needs to have and if your item doesn't suit, they'll walk straight out. You can't really do much unless you have what they want.

The Dove:
The most common shopper is the dove - meek, shy and easily persuaded if done right. They'll come in and not be sure about what they want or anything in particular but with some coaxing and not too much attention - which will scare them off - they may buy something. Usually something quite boring, but they'll buy something.

The Ibis:
Both Gemma and I grew up on the Gold Coast (but funnily enough didn't meet each other until we were on Brunswick Street one night) and are all too familiar with ibises. Usually eating trash out of a garbage bin. The ibis shopper is the one who heads straight for the discount bin and will always ask for a discount and get hissy if you decline because it's only 20 bucks and it's current season stock. Or they'll ask how much discount you get and ask if you can pretend you're buying it as a staff purchase (I have had that before). They're quite a disgusting, despicable type of person.

The Peacock:
The peacock is a very exhausting customer. They'll try a gazillion things on so you have more opportunities to lavish them with attention. They want to know that they look great. They're usually quite insecure and need a lot of flattery. They're really annoying.

It probably won't surprise you that I'm an eagle. If I want something, I buy it. Plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

i don't like shopping, i like window shopping. Its a lot cheeper.

Anonymous said...

cheep cheeep cheeeeeeeeeeepppppppp