Saturday, March 27, 2010

Karma-flavoured chocolate

I went to work the other day and there was an opened block of Cadbury chocolate sitting on the back desk. I figured whoever worked there the day before forgot it so I left it there and didn't think about it twice.

Then a few hours later, my lunch cover Tilly came out from the backroom giggling. "Hehe, I'm a bit naughty," she said while munching away. "I had some of your chocolate." "Eh, it's not my chocolate." Tilly's face absolutely crumpled with horror, then she darted out to the backroom to gargle out her mouth.

Apparently the girls who were working a few days before bought chocolate from the disgusting convenience store next door (sleazy counter dudes who like to stand out the shopfront and stare at us, and all the food look like it's from the 80s) and they thought it smelt a bit funny. When they had gotten halfway through the chocolate they found - and this is truly disgusting - cobwebs and insect larvae on the chocolate. Some of it was moving.

Tilly had heard about it when they called her at another store for something or another but never quite connected it with the chocolate in the backroom (which for whatever reason they didn't throw away). When I told my boyfriend about it, he chortled and said, "Well that's what you get for eating other people's chocolate."