Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lead-er of the pack

I'm a weirdo. If someone calls me odd, quirky, bizarre or strange, I am massively flattered. I've always been a bit left-of-centre, and I think I can point out the specific moment in my childhood where I decided I wanted to be different.

I was in kindergarten, and all the kids were comparing their pencils, arguing over whose pencil was the longest. From an adult's perspective, this is pretty fucking retarded because who really cares how long your pencil is... but you know, children.

All the other kids had those hexagonal pencils with red and black stripes (like this) and I had this uber-awesome shiny gold pencil (like this). So they couldn't really compete. Long pencil. Shiny gold pencil. Long pencil. Shiny gold pencil... I win.

So the next time you're trying to choose between the long pencil/short pencil option in life, go for the shiny option.

Side note: This may also explain my obsession with shiny objects...