Monday, March 1, 2010

The most obvious answer is usually the right one

"What should I wear these shoes with?"
"Um... clothes?"

I have worked in fashion retail for about a third of my life (to support myself through school, uni and now into my low-paying writing career). It never ceases to amaze me that women still ask me what to wear stuff with. I pretty much get paid to answer obvious questions. It's not like I'm a car sales man explaining technical sides of a car and gas mileage, or a travel agent discussing insurance. I tell people how to wear clothes.

Today, a lady came in needing an outfit for her birthday. I showed her a couple of tops (she was a very conservative mother, looked a bit frazzled and the type who wouldn't normally go out - thus a party frock would never be worn again). I showed her a pale pink silk top with a very, very slight pattern. What really tripped me out was how in awe she was when she asked what to wear with it and I pointed at a very plain black skirt. Then she needed me to tell her what type of jewellery to wear with it, what shoes and whether she needed to wear hosiery.It's not rocket science. We should have all started dressing ourselves when we were about five.

It's even worse when a woman finds something she actually likes... yet has to call her partner, mother or best friend to double check.

Women. Seriously. Get a grip and stop following what other people tell you to do. Be less insecure. Make a fucking decision for once. Perhaps I'd be out of a job but there would at least be a few more strong women in this world.


Anonymous said...

btw fyi its called ockham's razor