Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She said what?

I recently had dinner with a very... blonde, spoilt friend. Since the diner was quite close to Coles I brought my backpack with me so I could do some convenient post-meal grocery shopping , and easily carry it home with a backpack (like I normally do). This is the conversation that ensued:

Friend: Hey, you're on my way. I'll drive you home.
Me: Thanks for the offer but I'm going to go to Coles first.
Friend: Why? You live like three kilometres away?
Me: Yeah, but it's the closest Coles to me.
Friend: But you don't have a car? You can't walk three kilometres! How do you bring your groceries home?!?!
Me: Well I just bring a backpack, catch a tram up and walk home.
Friend: WHAT? You carry your groceries? But that's like so third world.

I don't think there's a comeback for a comment like "But that's so third world."