Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Evolution vs. Stagnation

This is an extension of my previous blog (http://feedmebandboys.blogspot.com/2010/04/umm-yes-i-know-that-song-its-one-with.html).

I sometimes look back at things I have worn, said, listened to or liked and cringed. Like blue cream eyeshadow and silver velcro platforms when I was twelve. And tan-coloured stretchy miniskirts from Supre when I was fourteen. Or corset, leather pencil skirts and way too much eyeliner when I was eighteen. And I like that.

There's a Friends episode (oh dear lord, I've admitted that I have at some point in my life watched Friends - it's true) in which Monica goes on a date with a guy from her high school. When she was in school she was the fat obese kid everyone paid out and no one wanted to take to the prom, and he was this super-hot stud who rode a motorbike, lived above his family's garage and worked in the bowling alley (or the movies, I can't remember which). Fast forward however many years, and Monica is skinny (to the point of anorexia, perhaps), lives in a gorgeous New York apartment with her best friend and is a head chef at a restaurant. The popular kid? Um, exactly the same. He lives with his parents, still rides a motorbike (note, I think bikes are quite cool) and works in the same joint. What's cool when you're a kid isn't really cool when you're an adult. It would explain why I don't wear that metallic SlapBand on my wrists anymore.

So I'm hoping that when I'm thirty I'll start throwing up when I look at the things I liked when I was twenty-two (yes, that's my age).

PS I'm also hoping that I develop a sense of tolerance when I'm thirty, but I think that will be a little far fetched.