Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bobby Pin Conspiracy

There are numerous groups on FB complaining about losing bobby pins. No, it's not borrowers. There isn't some magical bobby pin Narnia at the back of your bathroom cosmetics drawer. And it isn't George Bush (sorry, I just watched the "global warming" episode of South Park... I couldn't resist).

It's me. I'm taking all your bobby pins.

Well, not on purpose. In one of the shops I work at, I have to sweep the shop floor every single morning. And every single morning at least ten bobby pins end up in my dust pan. Honest to god, somehow shop floors seem to be a magnet for bobby pins. How else would so many bobby pins (and not much else but dust and sometimes the odd safety pin) end up on the floor after a mere eight hours of trade? Maybe it's a conspiracy... George Bush, I tells ya...