Friday, May 28, 2010

Walking around with dead animals

I used to go to Monash University, and anyone who went to the Clayton campus will know about Wholefoods (here's the website for you nosey buggers). It's an excellent eating establishment for vegans and vegetarians with a really awesome approach to staffing (something like a free meal for volunteering a certain amount of hours, plus diners have to do their part as well).

And it wasn't just a bunch of crazy hippies (well maybe after hours, I don't know). They had an open-minded policy to everyone but you had to abide by their rules... Clean up after yourself, some other stuff I can't remember and NOT TO BRING MEAT ON THEIR PREMISES! I remember this was a big deal. There were handwritten notes about not bringing meat anywhere near Wholefoods. Which is cool with me.

So one day I had to go into Wholefoods to meet up with a friend, and by golly I made sure I gulped down every bit of my Chinese steamed BBQ bun and licked my teeth before I got anywhere near Wholefoods. But they were all staring at me, giving me extra-evil looks. I couldn't figure it out. Maybe the extra protein from all that soy gives vegans a super-strong sense of smell?

I only unravelled the mystery of the glaring vegetarians when I got home. And got undressed. I obviously forgot I was wearing my knee high leather 20-hole Doc Martens. That must be a gazillion decades of bad vegan karma/at least half a cow. My bad.

* Also would like to add that vegetarians and vegans are lovely, lovely people who I admire for having utter and resolute determination in changing their life habits (that are sometimes inconvenient) in order to achieve their ideals.