Sunday, May 30, 2010

The internet is really, really great... FOR PORN.

I don't quite understand the appeal of Foursquare or Formspring.

Foursquare lets people know your EXACT position on this wonderfully large earth. I like the fact that people don't know where I am. Pardon me for liking how potential serial killers can't pinpoint my location to hunt me down. Excuse me for making it harder for thieves-to-be to study my routine to figure out when the best time to break into my house would be. And I'm sorry stalkers, but Foursquare takes the fun out of the chase.

And Formspring. I had a Formspring account. For about a month. It's boring because no one asked me any questions (apart from the odd nonsensical statement or dull "What is your favourite colour?" queries). And then on the other extreme, other people get a gazillion juicy but downright disgusting or nasty questions. "Why are you a whore?" "You fuckhead, just go die!" "Is it true that you sucked him off???" If someone asked me those things in real life I'd probably call them a cunt and give them a good old fly-kick-punch-in-the-dick*.

I suppose they both have their uses. A politician or a reporter could make good use of Foursquare to let the public know about appearances. Parents can keep track of their children. People who have to travel for work can let their superiors know where they are. And Formspring would be amazing for organisations to use as an anonymous question forum. "Would be" being the key words. But obviously the internet is the type of place where people use up their bandwidth on Red Tube or waste space with blogs (self-conscious cough).

I will leave you to think with this delightful video:

* this phrase is courtesy of Mister Leggatt via someone I can't remember


nicholasj said...

just read your "fly kick, punch you in the dick!" reference.
glad you felt the urge to pass it along...