Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puke Posts

I should stop looking at the blogs of people I know. In more recent times I've discovered - usually while procrastinating wildly - that two girls I am vaguely acquainted with have eating disorders. Once you've read about how people write about their vomiting habits or their post-coital thoughts on their bodies, you honestly can't think about them the same way. And then goes the whole awkward "Am I supposed to do something to try to help them?" dilemma.*

I'm so thankfully that the most intimate that my dearest mother's blog goes into is what iPhone apps my parents play in bed before they go to sleep. Phew.

* A while ago, a girl I met a couple of times wrote "I am so fucking depressed, I could kill myself" as her Facebook. So I privately messaged her, asking if she was okay and listed a few numbers where she could get help. She then messaged me back and told me I was crazy. Hence the whole what-to-do thing. Help and look stupid, don't help and someone shoots their wrist (yes, shoots their wrists).