Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time and timetables

I was at Flinders Street Railway Station today. I wandered around platform three looking for a railway map but there wasn't any in sight - keeping with Metro's don't-give-anyone-any-information ethos. So I asked a Metro officer to lend me his (and he was very smart, and wouldn't me touch his map, but wouldn't just say 'yes, that station is on that line'). So I checked the info screen, and it said NEXT TRAIN: 8.14 GLEN WAVERLEY. All good.

The train on the platform left, and instead of showing the information for the Glen Waverley train (the "next train") it listed Belgrave. I checked platform 2, but the screens were all blank. So I went back to my trusty, bald, smug Metro officer. Obviously, just as I asked him what happened to the 6.14 Glen Waverley train, it magically popped up on the information screens and he thought I was very stupid.

Metro may be very bad at running their trains on time, but their timing is impeccable.

PS the title is supposed to hark back to Sense and Sensibility. But since I have to write this here I suppose I fail.


Anonymous said...

Once, on the mythical Frankston line, I was riding home from the city and listening to the voiceover and glancing up at the digital runners for what station I was at. All good, as it goes.
"Now arriving at Seaford Station", it said (about two stops from the end of the Franga line). I look out the window and it's actually Springvale. Which is a completely different line altogether, in an entirely different direction.
Thanks, Connex, you stupid C***s.
End rant.

Paige Xc said...

1. Frankston is a pretty mythical line. Once I had to wait because some dragon had to be slain on the tracks... either that or the cops were subduing a drug addict with a gun. I can't remember which.

2. I'd take back Connex in a heartbeat, compared to Metro .