Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheesed off at cheese

I'm sorry. I don't like cheese. There, I've said. I order my pizza without mozzarella (it's pretty fucking divine). I pull cheese slices out of my sandwiches. I think pasta tastes better without parmesan.

For me, it's the taste. It's this overtly offensive food that you just can't disguise. Plus the fact that some expensive cheese is just a dairy product that someone has left to rot until it grows mould. I find that pretty gross.

But I don't go around telling cheese-eaters that they shouldn't eat it. I don't mind if cheese enthusiasts eat the offending product in front of me. What I do mind is when waiters laugh at me when I order things with cheese (then frequently forget to repeat my special request to the kitchen because they're too busy pointing at me, so I get a plate full of cheese in my face). Repeat after me: "Good bye, tip!"

Apparently there are 3413 of us in the world. Check out this FB group.


Anonymous said...

Do you like milk ?

Paige Xc said...

Yeah, I like milk but I can't drink too much because I used to be lactose intolerant.

Plus milk doesn't have an offensive cheesy (I couldn't think of a better word) taste like cheese.