Monday, June 21, 2010

Stranger danger

I was at work the other day, when a middle aged man came in and pretended his sister was coming around in a minute. He was rather chatty - quite different to the usual "fuck off, I'm just looking" kind of customer that this neighbourhood attracts. Then he asked me if I was able to duck out of the shop for a minute to test out a blow-up exercise ball, because he's just gotten it for his niece with brain damage. And he can't sit on it because it'll stretch out too much, but I'm the exact size and weight as her. And his car is literally just around the corner so it won't take too long...

Does this situation ring alarm bells in other people's heads? I have had several men over the course of my eight years in retail come up to me and spill out the exact same story. Always a niece with brain damage, and always a sister coming to join him in a minute. While I'm sure having a brain damaged niece would suck (if you really do have one, mister), who in their right minds would imagine that a tiny little helpless girl like myself would honestly go and sit in the back of some stranger's van?

And soon as I said I wouldn't, this guy (and every other guy who has told me this sob story) immediately zipped out of the store. Never mind his "my sister is coming to buy lots of dresses in a minute" story.

Please, weirdos, please leave me alone.