Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please kill my children...

I am probably not the best person to write about this - I jaywalk. A lot. If there are no cars, I will walk across if it is safe. Usually on 40km/hr roads like Brunswick Street. If I don't see any cars zooming towards me, I also generally cross against the lights. I figure that I'd rather cross now than hold up cars trying to turn right or left. But if it's raining or if I'm not wearing sturdy footwear, I'll cross at the lights in case I fall over.

But the thing that pisses me off? When people jaywalk with infants and toddlers.

What part of DEATH do you not understand? Are nine months of uncomfortably carrying around a dead weight (or live weight, really) on your midsection, having to vomit randomly every morning and not seeing your toes not enough to make you realise how precious your child is?

If I jaywalk and find myself stranded on the little section reserved for trams in the middle of the road because some cars appear out of no where, no biggie. I have razor sharp senses and am fit enough to leap out of the way. If you have a big arse pram, an infant and a baby bag, I half suspect that jumping out of the way isn't quite so easy. So please, mothers and fathers, don't risk it. Please cross at a traffic light.

NB: I work at Sydney Road regularly, and without fail I see mothers doing this every single time I'm there. Today I saw TWO mothers doing this, while having a bit of a chit chat in between two lanes of traffic.