Monday, August 9, 2010

Light goes on. Light goes off. Light goes on. Light goes off. Light goes on...

There's this bizarre "control" technique that I have witnessed several teachers and parents use on their children. It pretty much involves flicking a light switch on and off repeatedly. While yelling. Yep, really sophisticated psychological techniques we have here.

I have never seen it work. Face it. If you're a kid who's rolling around the floor mid-tantrum, limbs flailing, I'm pretty sure flashing lights will just make you more excited. Why do you think night clubs have strobe lights, or ambulances and cop cars have flashing lights? To calm you down? I think not. If anything, if your kiddie wink has epilepsy you're just begging for child services to pay you a visit.

Side note: I don't think my useless degree (sorry Monash) really makes me that qualified to talk about psychology, so if any real psychology experts won't to correct my critique of flashing lights, please, by all means do.