Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"You're cheap" cheap shots

Slut. Whore. Trash. Skank.

These are some unintelligent words that people like to taunt me with, and I can't figure out why beyond the fact that they either don't know me very well or are a little uneducated. While I am the first to admit that I am completely obsessed with sex, I am not, in any shape or form, a slut. I am vehemently against one night stands. I have never kissed any of my friends for the hell of it. I don't flirt with people unless I actually want to date them. I don't get drunk and screw strangers in the backseat of Skylines, and I am so paranoid about STDs that I get myself checked out every time I have a new sexual partner. I do not believe in casual, one-off sex and there's no fucking way that anyone who I am not fucking will ever see me naked.

If you want to insult me, please by all means, go ahead. But perhaps pick your abuse to actual fit your victim. I have plenty of negative personality traits that you can pick from. I'm a bossy, bitchy, workaholic perfectionist who likes to complain about everything and gets jealous at the drop of a hat. Take your pick. But sweetie, please consult your Merriam-Webster before you call me a ho.

* I don't actually have anything against people who sleep around in the slightest. This is just my opinion for myself.