Sunday, September 12, 2010

Confusedville State of Mind

I seem to have offended someone.

While that isn't very surprising (I seem to offend lots of people with my personality and fucking potty mouth), what is surprising is that I've barely interacted with said person. I can honestly say that the sum of all of our real-life conversations all year would probably tally about two minutes all up. I don't even have this person's phone number and have never made small talk over Facebook Chat. I have never knowingly wronged this person, yet I have managed to make this person absolutely hate my guts. That's talent.

It's a very strange feeling. Either I have perfected my "Please Hate Me" vibe to be so efficient that I can make a distant acquaintance loathe me in the space of one hundred and twenty seconds... or this person is stalking me on Facebook and finds my personality and persona repugnant. Or perhaps someone is spreading rumours about me.

Should I be insulted that this person is basing their intense dislike on something really arbitrary? Should I be complimented that they are possibly stalking me, and I have somehow made enough of an impact to raise an emotion, albeit a negative one?

I think I'll just go for "utterly confused" right now.