Monday, September 20, 2010

I can have my cake and eat it. Because no one will help me.

So it's my birthday. Somehow the people at work got wind of it (likely because some of them are on my Facebook), and bought me a lovely, but GIANT, chocolate babka. It's about the size of a small roast chicken, which may not sound that large except 1. it's chocolate babka, the food that is literally made to bypass your digestive tract and lodge itself between your fleshy thighs, and 2. no one in the office wanted any! Perhaps because they knew about the whole added-thigh-junk thing.

Surely it's a bit cruel to make a girl like me eat an entire chocolate babka on her own. But hey, if the rumours are true, you can't put on weight on your birthday. Yeah? Yeah. Nom nom nom.

* Photos of cake to come soon.
** Photos of obese Paige to come a few days later.