Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's my dilemma: I have a degree in psychology, and I'm obsessed with the internet. Pretty much every form of social media networking seems to fuck us up in one way or another, and I make my living off social media networking.

Facebook creates stalkers who spend many dirty hours flicking obsessively through your photos and trying to absorb as much information about your boyfriend/girlfriend (fingers crossed, their profile is private). MySpace has bred a generation of emos who love emoticons and think that being bicurious (and filming yourself licking your same sex best friend's nipples) is okay. For the non-scensters, MySpace is just brimming with sycophantic fans who want to post glittery comments about how great you are. Formspring seems to bring out our nosy, evil twin and Twitter has turned us all into obnoxious wise-cracking arseholes with more one-liners than our feed can handle. And blogs have turned us all into expert commentators on everything (yes, I do see the irony).

My, aren't we a psychopathological bunch?