Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to the house of traumatic life events

According to this very unscientific-looking website, moving house is supposed to be the third most traumatic event that can be experienced, just falling short of bereavement and divorce. I'm just about to move into my tenth home. It almost seems like I change my abode as often as I change my smoke detector batteries. Bring on death and divorce*, I must be a pro at this traumatic life thing.

Anyway, enjoy the following video but replace the words "house of fun" with "house of traumatic life events".

* This is a joke. If you're reading this God**, please don't take this literally and give me death and divorce. This was for the lulz.
** Oh that's right, I don't believe in God.
*** These asterisks are actually attached to anything, but check out a more realistic list of stressful life events here.