Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whinge whine tweet tweet

Back in the day, before there were more IP addresses than humans (I'm not actually sure if that's true), people used to write old-fashioned letters to complain. As a child, I would watch my mother craft really snidely-worded communications to restaurants, companies, hotels, shops and anyone who had somehow pissed her off with their inferior products and abysmal customer service. It was great. We were constantly receiving complimentary chocolates, potato chips, discount coupons and refunds in the mail.

My mother was a special case, because the majority of us would just be infuriated for about ten minutes then just shrug it off and perhaps just bitch about it to a few friends. But now that we all seem to be surgically attached to our smart phones, businesses have to be really carefully. As soon as you do anything wrong, people are going to start tweeting that shit to people.

This tweet is why everyone who runs a business has to treat everyone well. Don't go around pissing of customers and expect to lose just that single disgruntled person's custom.

PS @James_North is an excellent producer and musician based in Brisbane, Australia. Follow him. On Twitter, not in real life because that would be creepy.