Monday, October 4, 2010

Never say anything because you'll just prove yourself wrong...

I used to work in retail, and for some reason my evil supervisors* used to roster me on in at the St. Kilda store instead of Fitzroy shop. I should probably add that my humble abode was a mere five tram stops away from the Fitzy branch, and about a hefty hour and a half tram ride away from Luna Park.

Everyday I would drag my Doc Marten-ed feet along the 112 tram, muttering under my breath. I told myself that I wasn't being a princess. It's just honestly not humane to make someone spend three hours commuting to a fucking retail job. I can work in retail anywhere. I also constantly reassured myself that I would get a dream job working in the music industry soon, and when I did it wouldn't matter where it was because I would totally travel hours for a job like that.

Well, irony hates me. Because then I got a job in the music industry. In St. Kilda of all places. I'm moving, motherfuckers.

* actually they were really lovely, and gave me free clothes and chocolates and the such, but the evil bit suits this blog post better