Monday, January 3, 2011

Death to the hipsters...?

It seems to be a societal hobby to make fun of hipsters. I've heard my non-hipster friends chortle at their high-waisted pants and (perhaps on other people) tragic op-shop fashion. I've sat in cars where the drivers poke fun at their vintage single-gear bicycles, and then attempt to run them over. Highly respected publications like TIME have taken note and consider this social group of enough weight to publish analyses of them (claiming that the conformity of their non-conformity is a little ridiculous... not sure how this is different from most youth groups like emos and goths, but thanks for pointing out the obvious TIME) as do less respected outlets.

Secretly I think all of the naysayers are just a little jealous that they don't look quite so rad in their pilling granny cardigan, and because they can't have five-hour debates about why Foucault's own deviant sexual practices validate his philosophies.

Now watch this cute car commercial and laugh.

This blog post was written for your eyes by a dorky (but more like an Asian, badminton-playing bookworm rather than a hipster) girl who may secretly wish she was a hipster so she can pull off that hideously horrific thrift shop lace dress that has been sitting in her wardrobe for four years.