Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beggars can't be choosers

There is a particular beggar in the Melbourne CBD who I see on a regular basis. She looks clean enough so she doesn't look homeless, and her clothes are never torn and she seems to float between Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station (apart from when I see her eating 50 cent cones outside the Swanston Street MacDonald's).

On one particular evening, she approached a little blond twenty-something for change, with her usual, "Excuse me, but can you spare some change for food and accommodation?" The sweet girl then opened a plastic takeaway container next to her and offered the beggar a delicious looking steamed dumpling, but the beggar recoiled and asked if she had any notes. "If you're actually hungry, you should really have one of these. They taste really yummy!" The beggar then said she really would prefer money because she has a toothache and her dentist told her to not eat anything hard, and only soft food like apples... Umm... soft apples.

Honestly, beggars can't be choosers.

PS: I was once asked for change by a beggar for change and I didn't have much money because I was unemployed at the time so I gave him some food... only to find him looking really clean, well dressed, and messing about with his mates a few weeks later with a Nerf gun. No money my ass. I really had no money to spare.

PPS A similar thing happened to my father, who gave a beggar a piece of KFC chicken breast, and the beggar asked for a drumstick instead.  -___-

PPPS I swear I wrote a blog post about this before, but I can't see it anywhere so here it is again.


Anonymous said...

She has a dentist?

Paige X. Cho said...

Haha, that was what I was thinking... I think (but I am no expert in Melbourne's social problems) that a lot of the beggars in Melbourne aren't actually homeless, they just want loose change to buy cigarettes.