Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Common Sense Movement

I really dig the idea of being a famous journalist or novelist. It's not like being a famous actress or pop star - when you're renown in a literary sense, the greater public generally only know your mug from that blurry, pixelated image that accompanies your weekly column or the hideous picture with your cat on your novel's book sleeve.

With the exception of Neil Gaiman (deliciously foppish black curls tainted with the occasional white streak, and a British accent are pretty hard to miss), I honestly cannot tell you what my other favourite writers look like. To me, great minds like Chuck Palahniuk, China Mieville (I think he may have a shaved head) and Kurt Vonnegut are represented in my mind as fantastically excellent books in my personal library, as thousands of brilliant words filling up space in my apartment.

I find it creepy how my supermarket magazine aisle is filled with row after row of magazines dedicated to celebrity fodder. The poor creatures are hunted down, with pages of each "magazine" stuffed with photos of our apparently-favourite actress/musician/singer/comedian/television personality at the the milk bar buying milk, with disapproving comments from the magazine about how this skinny little twig has really "let herself go" because there is a little cellulite shaking from her thighs. These people would probably have a heart attack if they saw me naked.

If I ever become "famous", I hope I don't have paparazzi or crazed fans following me around, snapping pics with their mobiles (hopefully lack of talent on my part will take care of that). Like Natalie Wood was once quoted saying - but I now can't find the quote on the internet - "I'm not a celebrity, I'm an actress."

I say we start a movement. Next time you are blown away by a stunning performance in a movie or listen to a spine-tingling good album, instead of looking them up on Perez Hilton's blog, go support them and buy their other albums or watch other films they have laboured over for months. Let's call it the "Common Sense Movement".