Sunday, March 27, 2011

A hairy situation

When I was in Grade 10, our school shipped us off to Outward Bound. It was a nine-day adventure camp with no showers, no toilets (literally a shovel, the ground, and lots of squatting), no lights, no electricity, no cabins, no tents, nothing. For nine days. I knew from the start that this wasn't going to be a trip in the park (or a very large park, if you know what I mean) so I came completely ready.

Some of the other girls in my school were... less prepared. While I wore cargo pants, a hoodie and hiking boots for the two bus rides and the plane flight to the camp site, some of them rocked up in party wear. All frocked up with heels, one shouldered dresses, and hoop earrings. I remember at the time I was a little jealous and wished I had gotten a little glammed up to, but as soon as we got to the camp and these girls had to awkwardly get changed then squish their nice gear into their camping backpacks, I completely forgot any regrets.

Nine days later, out we came covered head to foot in mud, dirt, sweat and sunscreen. And these bimbos I went to school with obviously had to get back into their sparkly outfits. Let me assure you, one shouldered dresses do not look good with nine days worth of armpit hair