Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've been having lots of ups and downs lately (to the couple of haters who read my blog, go enjoy a moment of
schadenfreude on the house) and have been trying to largely keep this off my Facebook and Twitter. Can't say that I have been completely successful at this attempt at self-imposed censorship, but I've posted a lot less than normal about big events in my life.

The problem is that it is bad social media etiquette to flood people's news feeds with vague, depressing, please-kill-me-now-I-hate-everything posts... But then again, if I post about the super-awesome things that happen to me I also feel like a wanker. And then that whole issue where I must possess some strange writing skills because a lot of people misinterpret my statuses and tweets as veiled insults to them when I am really not.

I now get why celebrities hire publicists.