Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eye am a rock star

I ventured into the cosmetics department of Myer the other day to pick up some Shadow Insurance (yes, this is a beauty product and not a life policy for assassins) and the extremely talented make-up artist proceeded to pile on random eye products on my face. Totally fine by me, but found it absolutely hilarious that she described every look as "rock star".

"This gold eye shadow look. Very rock star. Ooh, purple eyeliner. Very rock star. Black mascara. Yes, rock star indeed."

She was a lovely lady and I ended up spending a huge amount of dosh on cutely named beauty products, but I wish sales assistants would realise that just because I carry headphones and wear Docs doesn't mean I want to look like this: 

* Do realise she is more of a pop star than a rock star, but you get the gist.